Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What Are The Best Acne Treatment Products

What are the best acne treatment products will depend on what works best for the individual. There are many products to choose from and not all of them work as promised. Other acne treatment products work very well but are priced so high. The typical sever acne sufferer will end up spending mush time searching and excess money on finding the right treatment for themselves. The pubescent teen who is trying to rid of acne will find that it will probably go away before the right product is found.
ProActiv is one of the top products on the market and seems to work well for acne sufferers. This product is seen on many infomercials and in the media. ProActiv system contains a cleanser to renew the skin, a toner to revitalize the skin, and lotion to repair the damaged skin. It contains an ingredient known as benzoyl peroxide. This product can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription.
Accutane is the next acne product worth trying when trying to find the answer to the question, “What Are The Best Acne Treatment Products?” It is one of the strongest acne medications available. It is best suited for individuals who have severe cases of acne or acne that will not go away easily. Accutane is taken into the body and not applied to the skin. The side effects of this medication include possible birth defects, dysfunction in the liver function, and lips that become cracked or dry.
Retin-A is another topical cream that is common to those who are searching for a good acne treatment. This Retin-A cream is popular for being a successful treatment for the scars that acne causes, the acne itself, stretch marks, wrinkles in the skin, any discoloring of the skin, and some other skin problems. This Retin-A cream comes only be a doctor’s prescription. There are a few other over the counter products that have small amounts of Retin-A in them.
Essential oils such as Tea tree oil works fine for home remedies. But the best acne treatment products are the all natural alternative to treating acne and can be found in many of the health food stores in your area. A professional can also be consulted with as to what are the best combinations of essential oils to add to your skin in a safe manner.

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