Wednesday, February 11, 2009

3 Fastest Ways to Get Rid of Acne - You Would Be Surprised at How Effective These Truly Are

By Rahul Talwar
Got that party coming up or a date? Got acne that could spoil your fun? Well, fear not since help is just a click away. Read on and implement these 3 fastest ways to get rid of acne instead of faking sickness to avoid that party or date....
No.1 - Toothpaste is a cool choice. You can dab a little toothpaste, preferably the gel type on your pimples. Do not apply it on your entire face but instead only on the pimples. Remember to use just a little bit on the pimple itself and not in the surrounding areas. Leave it on overnight and wash it off the next day. You can also use shaving cream to get similar results.
No.2 - Squeeze them out. If they seem to have erupted and form a bulbous tip at the top then you can squeeze them out. Remember to wash your face and disinfect your hands first. Press from the sides using your fingers and stop pressing once all the yellow thick stuff has come out. You can use a piece of tissue or a cotton bud to soak up the gunk. You can cool the area with an ice cube wrapped in tissue or a clean cloth. Apply an antiseptic liquid before you go to sleep.
No.3 - Run to your doctor. If you are in a hurry and nothing you have tried seems to work then simply run to your doctor. Your doctor might prescribe a topical lotion along with oral medications. These might need to be taken for a month or two but the effects could start immediately. Remember to test the lotion on a test patch before applying it on a regular basis.
Use these 3 fast tips and get rid of your acne quickly. Now you no longer need to dread that party or date. Simply use these above tips and zap your acne away.
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