Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How to Choose Natural Acne Skin Care & Skin Treatment Products

Author: Nancy Friday
Meet a group of teenagers and ask them what type of skin problems they are suffering from. Most of them would answer â??Acneâ??. And ask the same question to people who are in their 20â??s or 30â??s. The common answers would be dark lips, wrinkles and stretch marks. Letâ??s look at the problems one by one.Acne is a skin disease. It may affect both males and females during their teenage. The main cause of acne is overproduction of keratin and sebum. Overly produced keratin and sebum block skin pores and Propionibacterium acnes, an anaerobic bacterium, grows their resulting Acne. If proper care is not taken acne may leave permanent black spots.Overproduction of sebum takes place due to the hormonal changes in teenage years. Hence, some skin specialists suggest hormonal treatment for Acne. But right skin care can solve the problem easily. Once the excess sebum is scrubbed out, the pores wonâ??t get clogged and the bacterial wonâ??t get the chance to infect your skin. Hence, the right acne skin care can help you get rid of acnes. Natural acne skin care is often preferred over other acne treatments.While selecting skin treatment products one should be very careful. Skin care products should be selected based on the skin type of the individuals. The same skin care regime may not be suitable for two different persons if they possess different skin types.Thus you need to know your skin type in order to determine the best treatment for your acne. There are basically three types of skins, the most common being the combination skin. Common Skin Types and Natural Acne Skin CareOily Skin: Oily skins are typically shiny and attract dust and dirt easily. Oily skins are generally more prone to blackheads and acne hence it is suggested not to use any moisturizer but to have a good face wash and cleanser. Cleanser removes the excess oil from skin and washes off the existing dirt particles that block sebaceous glands. It is also advised to use alcohol-based products to dry out oily skin. Dry Skin: This type of skin looks dry and peels off frequently. Dry skin is more sensitive to sun, wind and cold, where as it is less prone to acne usually. However, acne on dry skin is not uncommon at all. People with dry skin are advised to use moisturizers to lubricate their skin and avoid alcohol based products that dry out skin very fast. Use natural acne skin care that is creamy if you have a dry skin.Combination Skin: This is the most common skin type where the oily T-zone comes into play. The T-Zone runs vertically by your nose and chin and horizontally by the forehead. Thus those having combination skin usually require combination products. Finding the right skin treatment products is easy once you know what type of skin you have. Apart from acne treatment a regular skin care regime is also necessary to keep your skin in good health. As mentioned in the introduction, early wrinkles, dark circles and stretch marks are some of the skin problems. People often ask whether they need to undergo plastic surgery to remove ugly stretch mark. Right stretch mark removal products can help women get rid of those ugly marks. Regular skin care is what everybody needs. A sound skin care regime can help people stay away of all types of skin problems including acne, dark lips, wrinkles and premature aging.

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