Saturday, February 14, 2009

Colon Cleanse Acne Solution - Can Colon Cleansing Really Clear Up Acne?

By Michelle Taft

Can a colon cleanse really work as an acne solution? As suffers of acne well know it can be a devastating problem to have. It leads to anxiety, loss of self-confidence, and even depression. Acne sufferers will try anything to achieve the clear skin they are seeking, but will cleansing the colon help their skin problems?
Surprisingly many people who have taken an all natural herbal colon cleansing supplement report one of the benefits being clearer, healthier, skin. The reasons for this are still being studied, but it is likely that the toxic waste material that exists in the colon is a contributing factor to acne.
As the colon absorbs nutrients from the food passing through bits of indigestible material become trapped inside the colon. As the years pass this material builds up and it has been shown to be mildly toxic. This material is absolutely disgusting as anyone who has seen pictures of what is expelled from the body during a colon cleanse can attest. It is not hard to imagine that the waste material has a negative effect on many other systems of the body.
Not all people who suffer from acne will find their skin has cleared up overnight, but enough people have reported that cleansing the colon has cleared up their acne that it is possible. Whether your skin clears up or not the effects of the colon cleanse on the rest of your body are well worth it.
People who use herbal supplements to cleanse their colon have reported many positive effects on their health. They have more energy, they get sick less frequently, they experience fewer bouts of constipation and abdominal pain, and they even report the lessening of depressive symptoms.
The bottom line is that while it is certainly possible to clear up acne by cleansing the colon it is worth it regardless of whether or not your skin problems begin are resolved. The overall positive effect colon cleansing has on your health is more than enough reason to cleanse your colon regularly using herbal dietary supplements.
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