Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pimple Attack - The Truth About Popping Pimples and How to Get Rid of Pimples!

By Megan Richards

Not too many people manage to get through puberty and grow up to adulthood without having an encounter with pimples. To prevent them developing, you first need to understand how pimple are formed.
Pimples start to form when the sebaceous glands, which are below the surface of your skin, become contaminated with debris. The sebaceous oils protect the skin surface from the environment. To perform this function, the sebaceous glands release their oil through your pores up to the surface of your skin. Around the time of puberty, an increase in hormones running through your body usually causes your skin to produce more oil. The extra oil makes it easier for your pores to get blocked.
Whenever sebaceous oil is prevented from reaching the skin surface by a blockage in the pore, it stagnates and turns toxic. Puss develops and it increases in size as more oil arrives and turns toxic. You now have a pimple developing.
Pimples appear in many different shapes and sizes and can show up on your neck, chest, back and shoulders as well as your face. The one constant about pimples is that although they may be small and relatively painless, they can make you feel like a clown and ruin your self confidence in a relationship.
Popping Pimples
If you can, rather just leave them alone. Pimples sometimes go away in two or three days, and they will go without leaving a permanent scar. However, if the temptation is there to start popping your pimples, here's a tip that may relieve the pimple without leaving you with a scar
Gently pat your skin with a heated clean face towel. This brings circulation to the face and helps to open the pore. At a slightly deeper level it helps to move the toxic matter inside the pimple to the surface. If a pimple is not yet ripe, leave it for the next time. A ripe pimple will open to a light scrub. Gentle encouragement rather than force works best. Picking at open untreated skin can quickly cause an infection that will leave a scar.
How to Get Rid of Pimples
Pimples develop from the formation of blackheads and whiteheads, so cutting down on the amount of oil that accumulates on your skin is not entirely the answer.
Blackheads and whiteheads develop as a result of what is inside your body, and not from what is on the surface of your skin. It follows, then, that in order to get rid of the pimples, you have to be able to control what you put into your body.
Visit my website and discover how to do this and you will be able to permanently get rid of your pimples. Take your time and have fun discovering how to get relief from your pimples at home. It's a viable pimple treatment right for your face and skin -- and you will enjoy relief within 3 days.
I am free from pimples... You Can Be Too!
After many years of being free from pimples and sharing these 'Secrets' with my friends and family over the years, I am now making them available to you! I know what it's like to have to deal with pimples and I know how terrible it can make you feel.
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