Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Acne Skin Care Treatment - Tips For A Healthier Looking

Acne is caused by an overproduction of sebum, a substance which is produced by your Sebaceous glands. Your Sebaceous glands can be found on your face, upper neck and chest. Sebum production increases during adolescence and starts to wean around the age of 20. This does not mean that acne vanishes at age 20. Infact, acne, which is usually thought of as a teenager’s skin care issue affects adults both female and male.
Treating acne requires patience, finding the right acne treatment products and sticking to a good treatment routine. Here are tips on what to do and what to avoid.
Cleanse. Fighting acne requires you to establish a daily routine of gently washing your face with a good acne skin cleanser. Acne skin cleansers will get rid of the accumulated makeup, oils, sweat and dirt on your face. There are skin cleansers for various types of skin types: oily, dry, sensitive and normal. You will want to buy the correct product for your skin type.
Exfoliate. Exfoliation allows your new skin cells to shine through by getting rid of your dead skin cells. The result is a new replenished look that helps give your skin a youthful, fresh appearance. It is advisable to exfoliate more during the summer months since you tend to sweat more.
Moisturize even if you have oily skin. Choose the right moisturizer for your skin type.
Use “noncomedogenic” comestics and skin care products. These products do not clog your pores.
Consult a day spa esthetician or dermatologist for expert advice, if your problem gets consistently worse.
Do not overwash your face.
Do not scrub or rub your skin excessively.
Never pop, squeeze or pick at acne. This spreads the inflammation and makes things worse.
If you find that certain foods aggravate your acne, try to avoid them (e.g. oily foods such as fast food).
Avoid excessive sun, tanning booths and sun lamps.
Avoid excessive sweating or humidity.
Visit your local day spa esthetician for more skin care tips.
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